Serta iComfort® EFX3D Ermano Plush Queen Mattress

Serta iComfort® EFX3D Ermano Plush Queen Mattress


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Filled with comforting foam, this iComfort EFX3D Ermano low-profile split queen mattress set will welcome you to sleep. Cooling gel is infused with memory and high-density foams to keep you from overheating during the night. Plus, the gel beads inside the Climate FX® foam will gather around your slumbering body to offer additional support. To relieve the sore pressure points you gain throughout the day, 3D Contour foam provides the structure your body needs. With Ultimate Edge® to strengthen the borders of this mattress, enjoy the amazing rest you’ll receive on this Ermano bed.

This sleep set includes one mattress and a low-profile split boxspring. Made from two smaller boxsprings, a split boxspring provides the same support as a single boxspring when used together yet is much easier to manoeuvre through tight spaces. Low-profile boxsprings sit further down on your bed frame to help lower the overall bed height, making it easier for those with physical limitations to get in and out of bed.

Key Features:

  • Brick Exclusive – Serta 3D Contour Foam
  • EverFeel® Technology Foams
  • Intelligel® Gel-Infused Temperature Regulating Foam
  • Climate FX Gel Memory Foam
  • Foam Support Core
  • Ultimate Edge Foam Encasement
  • Other Features

Brick Exclusive – Serta 3D Contour Foam 
A two-inch layer of gel-infused structured foam features hundreds of support pillars, which react independently to support each part of your body. At the same time, this contour foam will relieve your pressure points and improve airflow inside the mattress.

EverFeel® Technology Foams 
Durable and cooling, these state-of-the-art EverFeel foams help regulate your body temperature while conforming to your resting form.

Intelligel Gel-Infused Temperature Regulating Foam 
Gel-infused, open cell memory foam stores excess heat, then releases it slowly back to your body – a foam that acts as a thermostat during the night. Plus, gel beads gather inside the foam to provide exceptional support.

Climate FX® Gel Memory Foam 
Memory foam is infused with supportive gel beads that come together to provide added support and a faster response to your body throughout the night.

Foam Support Core 
Stronger for your comfort, this Foam Support Core keeps your body in perfect alignment while you snooze.

Ultimate Edge Foam Encasement 
A robust foam encasement adds strength to the bed’s border to help eliminate potential edge “roll off”.

Other Features 
This Serta iComfort mattress will work with an adjustable base to improve your comfort even further. Plus, this bed is proudly manufactured in Canada.


  • Mattress: 60″ W x 12.5″ H x 80″ D
  • Boxspring: 30″ W x 6″ H x 80″ D


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